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Baris Guler
Web worker

How Buildless is Possible Today

April 05, 2020

Encouraging warning: This article is not telling how to do something, instead telling how to change the paradigm of the current web status…

The Children of Redux — Part 4: react-easy-state, Kea and state management with RxJS

December 01, 2017

credit: Jessie Wilcox Smith A wise man said: To be honest, I do not wanna see Elm as a child of Redux. It could be the father of Redux…

Stack Stories: Hüseyin Babal, Chief Software Architect @ Aurea

November 27, 2017

We never stop, you know! Talking about software engineering and having nice opportunities to get advices from software handcrafters should…

Stack Stories: Hakan Erdoğan, CTO @ iyzico

November 05, 2017

Hello folks! Already started a new article series combined with some ideas from pioneering hand-crafters in software industry all over the…

The Children of Redux — Part 3: redux-zero, stent and choo

November 05, 2017

credit: Jessie Wilcox Smith In the first part and the second part of the series, we talked orderly about Plait , Dutier , dva…

The Children of Redux — Part 2: Feeble, vdux and hyperapp

August 12, 2017

credit: Jessie Wilcox Smith In the first part of these articles, we have discussed about Plait , Dutier and dva. After a short…

The Children of Redux — Part 1: Plait, Dutier and dva

July 25, 2017

credit: Jessie Wilcox Smith Yes, I know that we sleep with Redux and wake up with it again! After the growing popularity of React library…

AWS-rendered React chocolate chips with Dawson— Part 1: A simple service for serving components

July 19, 2017

For a while, I’ve been searching for the alternative methods for having components or page fragments independently from each other…

Simple Guides for JS Tools: Package Managers

June 09, 2017

One day, you will begin developing on not a greenfield or from-the-scratch project and this time will be the moment you are going to start…

Öğreten Projeler için Otopsi Raporları

December 27, 2016

Gördüğüm (pardon duyduğum) en iyi takım, Beatles ;) Hiç kimse bir nehirde ikinci kez yıkanamaz. İkinci seferde ne o nehir aynı nehirdir, ne…

JS Levels?

October 09, 2016

Geçenlerde link takibi ile rastladığım bir blog post’unda Scala’nın yaratıcısı Martin Odersky, Scala dili için bir yetkinlik…

Git Kulturu * 1

October 04, 2016

Genelde bu ve benzeri başlıklarla açılan sayfalarda teknik olarak kaynak kontrolünü nasıl yapacağınız anlatılır. Ben daha çok bunu değil…

Talking About Tones of Tools of Javascript or Notes on Next-Generation Javascript Tools

September 06, 2014

Every tool that a developer use, should be waited to be useful, provide scalable and (recently) modular. They all contain some attitutes to…